Outsource the charging infrastructure

ZenCharge drastically reduces the need to deploy costly charging infrastructure. Fleets using ZenCharge can be home-charged with automatic clearing and settlement mechanisms.

Distributed charging infrastructure

ZenCharge is an EV charging management solution with endpoints in residential or commercial charging stations. ZenCharge lets fleet operators control and measure each charging point in real-time.

EV charging stations and cables equiped with the ZenCharge chip also offer a cutting-edge charging experience to drivers.

Log and control all charging sessions

Today 9 out of 10 charging sessions remain unaccounted as they occur in locations out of current EVSP network scopes. With ZenCharge you can tap into that data.

ZenCharge offers control and oversight over residential charging sessions.

Increase fleet efficiency

Get real-time information on the vehicle’s location, utilisation and the parameters of the charging session.

Reduce downtime, improve fleet use, minimize operating costs and maximize EV utilization.

Comes with customer interface

The ZenCharge mobile application is where drivers set up preferences, schedules and receive information and notifications.

Our app is a white label product and provides a regularly-used communication channel to your customers. It can function as a platform distributing information about time-of-use tariffs or dynamic pricing conditions.

High precision measurements

ZenCharge records all transactional information and makes it accessible near real-time. The resulting data is suitable for tariff calculations, automated accounting or billing purposes.

We measure electricity use with the highest precision and record parameters of the charging session according to OCPP standards.

Secure and reliable communications

ZenCharge is prepared to use multiple communication protocols to transmit information from the charging point to the server. The resulting communication network is robust and future-proof.

ZenCharge has a media agnostic communication interface that can unite the ubiquity of narrow-band technologies with the reliability of PLC.