Increase grid resiliency for the EVolution

Our turn-key demand-response solution centrally manages residential EV charging points according to grid conditions. ZenCharge assists DSOs, utilities and grid managers to meet the e-mobility challenge by reducing investment need and cutting operational costs.

Shift peak demand

ZenCharge distributes EV charging demand automatically and with regard to grid conditions. As a result your electricity network operates with flatter loads and smaller peaks cutting investment needs and the cost of generating peak power.

ZenCharge is an EV charging management solution with endpoints at residential or commercial buildings within the DSOs service area. Each charging point is controlled real-time by ZenCharge based on the current grid load and individual customer preferences.

Home charging with control

ZenCharge orchestrates the charging sessions so that each endpoint receives the energy needed at the right time. ZenCharge endpoints come in the form of smartplug, in-wall socket or breaker outfit and operate with a wide array of chargers.

EV owners benefit from reliable and comfortable home charging while network operators get advanced control over the timing and other parameters of the charging sessions.


ZenCharge fits into your current electric vehicle charging solution. Add data on residential charging points to your management software or use ZenCharge to oversee the entire network.

ZenCharge is prepared to comply with the Open Charging Protocol and ISO15118 (V2G communication interface).

Comes with customer interface

The ZenCharge mobile application is where drivers set up preferences, schedules and receive information and notifications.

Our app is a white label product and provides a daily-used communication channel to your customers. It can function as a platform distributing information about time-of-use tariffs or dynamic pricing conditions.

High precision measurements

ZenCharge records all transactional information and makes it accessible near real-time. The resulting data is suitable for tariff calculations, automated accounting or billing purposes.

We measure electricity use with the highest precision and record parameters of the charging session according to OCPP standards.

Secure and reliable communications

ZenCharge is prepared to use multiple communication protocols to transmit information from the charging point to the server. The resulting communication network is robust and future-proof.

ZenCharge has a media agnostic communication interface that can unite the ubiquity of narrow-band technologies with the reliability of PLC.

Understand residential charging behaviour

With high precision data on residential charging sessions ZenCharge helps you to this data to create better demand forecasts, design new products or improve customer satisfaction.

Motivate positive change

Motivate charging behaviour with rewards, reduced tariff, or green electricity offerings.