Your energy hero.

Affordable, easy-to-use and friendly, M;T3R is a smart energy service that finally brings home energy use into the 21st century.


Save money

M;T3R tracks your current and historical consumption and sends you personalised recommendations on how to achieve savings.

Understand your home

M;T3R monitors your consumption in real time, as it happens. You get real-time insight into how your household works, and what appliances consume most energy.

Fight energy waste

Achieve maximum savings and become a climate hero by identifying which appliance is wasteful and should be upgraded. Monitoring energy use at home can reduce the household's consumption and footprint by 15%.

Simplify life

Get a prediction on your next electricity bill. Report periodic meter reading with a single click. Identify cheaper tariffs or providers. Get notified before reaching your prepaid or flat rate limits.

Easy to install

Installing M;T3R is safe, quick and easy. There is no need to call an electrician or mess with electric cables.

Top class privacy

Data coming from your household is super-sensitive and we respect this. With M;T3R only you have access to this information (not even us).

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