zEnchargE MobilE application

ZenCharge mobile application is a white-label, fully
customizable smart charging application.

ZenCharge mobile application works with all EV types and pairs with home or commercial charging locations. With the ZenCharge mobile application EV owners have full control over the charging process, can set up their preferred departure time, desired battery level and minimum service level at each charging location.

ZenCharge mobile application let’s drivers start smart charging or override the schedule and charge on full power with a single click.

With the mobility overview drivers get a complete overview of their mobility habits. ZenCharge mobile application merges data from OEM APIs and various charging locations into a single interface. EV owners can consult historical mobility data any time and on different timescales.

ZenCharge mobile application provides rich data on the EV’s environmental impact and the cost of operation. It also compares stats to average petrol and EV performance.

ZenCharge mobile application let’s drivers enrol into smart charging demand response programs with ease.

Try it out with a demo account (user:demo, password:demo):
On iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/LCTvNCdZ
On Android: https://app.bitrise.io/artifact/100992359/p/bb7290d355991296f51374de0aaa44c5

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  • We Offer OEM API Connection For Compatible Models
  • EV Owners Get A Complete Overview Of Their Mobility Habits. Zencharge Merges Data From OEM Apis And Various Charging Locations Into A Single Interface.


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