With ZenSite site managers control chargers, storage and local solar generation from a single interface and implement complex optimization strategies.

ZenSite controls various assets, including AC / DC chargers, solar inverters and electric energy storage units (ESU) in accordance with the OCPP and the oADR USEF standards.

ZenSite maximizes on-site generation and self consumption, reduces energy costs and can help you in monetizing storage resources on the flexibility market (flexibility services, frequency control, arbitrage).

ZenSite is compatible with EV chargers and charge point management systems (CPMS) implementing the OCPP 1.6/2.0 standard and with all modern solar inverters and ESUs.

Recommended for sites with local generation or storage in addition to the EV charging infrastructure. Also ideal for fleet managers operating across multiple sites, grid managers and utilities who want a high-level overview of their charging-related services.


ZenCharge mobile application

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  • Best-In-Class Smart Charging Mobile App For Iphone And Android
  • Flexible Smart Charging Schedules On Multiple Locations
  • Peace-Of-Mind With Minimum Service Level
  • Override Smart Charging With A Click
  • Rich User Statistics On Mobility Impact (Price, Energy Mix, Carbon Intensity With Category Comparisons)

ZenGrid backend with oADR

  • Site Energy Management System Offering Customizable Optimization Strategies
  • Connects To OCPP-Compatible Chargers And To Charge Management Software Via OCPI
  • Flexible Cloud Based Backend Connecting To Other Components Via Secure Apis
  • Communicates Directly With Connected Car-Capable Evs.


  • Zensite Implements Openadr, The International Standard For Controlling Managed Energy Assets (Ders)
  • Zensite Optimization Strategies Bear To Openadr Standards (Critical Peak Pricing, Time-Of-Use, Load Shedding)
  • The System Is Deployed With On-Site Energy Router (Oadr Virtual End-Node & OCPP Server)

Catchpenny Energy Storage Unit

  • Ergonomical And Weatherproof Design, IP 55 With Or Without LCD Display And Type2 Connector
  • Single Or 3-Phase Grid Connection Up To 80A
  • Remote Monitoring And Firmware Updates Via GSM, Lora Or NB-Iot.


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