Pwnage at MVM Edison 2019

MET3R ZenCharge won first prize at the Edison Light Up! startup competition, organized by MVM Group, one of the largest integrated energy groups in the CEE region, with an EBITDA figure reaching EUR 650 million.

The first prize comes with the opportunity to test our cutting-edge demand-response service, ZenCharge with the country’s most prominent energy company. Our objective is to complete the pilot by the end of this year and demonstrate that ZenCharge scales well and remains reliable and performant in real-world situations.

Our demand-response service is particularly capable of managing and time-shifting electric-vehicle- and HVAC-related power demand, the two main sources of residential electricity demand increase in the 21st century. ZenCharge stands out from other demand-response solutions with features most wanted by DSOs and energy utilities. We guarantee secure communications, reliable control over the regulated electric equipments, and retrofit compatibility with already installed HVAC units and EV-chargers.

Winning the Edison competition also comes with an investment opportunity of 150.000 euros of smart money. This push from investors will allow us to propel the company from testing to market readiness by the end of this year.

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