EIT Urban Mobility Awards

On 22 June, EIT Urban Mobility will select the top 10 mobility start-ups from its Business Creation Accelerator programme. As we approach the finals we ask for your support! Please vote for MET3R here.

Our mission is to reduce the cost, carbon intensity and grid impact of EV charging. We provide ZenGrid for fleet operators and grid managers, a demand-side response system that uses IoT, machine learning and predictive analytics to optimise EV charging and match it with distributed renewable generation. ZenGrid’s AI-driven algorithms make EV charging cost efficient, reduce infrastructure investments and ensure the greenest charge.

We compete with a selected batch of 25 European mobility startups in the EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator Programme. The EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator Pitch Award is the official closure of the Accelerator programme and 10 start-ups will get the opportunity to impress the jury and the audience with their product pitches. The top 10 start-ups will be selected in two ways: first, five start-ups will be selected from an open public voting and will go to the finals. The other five finalists will be nominated by the Business Creation Managers and Hub members based on their progress during the accelerator programme.