MET3R Solar Carport in Budapest

We are joining forces with the Budapest City Council to support the Hungarian capital’s efforts in cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector.

MET3R will deploy an EV carport equipped with high-capacity chargers (enabling bi-directional charging with compatible car models) and solar rooftops to provide complementary renewable energy to the charging sessions, plus shade and cover for drivers.

The carport will serve a municipality-owned fleet, which will run according to a strict daily schedule on weekdays from 7am to 2pm. Outside of their operational hours the cars remain connected to the chargers at the carport. With a strict operational schedule storage capacity availability becomes predictable and the cars’ batteries will be used to provide grid flexibility services.

We use our smart charging platform ZenCharge to orchestrate the fleet’s charging sessions in respect of users’ mobility needs, local grid conditions and on-site renewable generation. ZenCharge efficiently and automatically schedules charging sessions according to the preferences set by the operator.

With the current setup we will test ZenCharge’s capability to protect Balance Responsible Parties against local imbalances caused by simultaneous charging sessions and the possibility to provide flexibility for Distribution System Operators at peak hours (local peak shaving).

An additional benefit of the carport setup is the increase of the renewable share in the mobility energy mix. Locally generated renewable energy complements the electricity drawn from the public network when the fleet charges in the afternoon hours on site.

The project is subject to a joint grant application to the EU’s Urban Mobility Knowledge and Innovation Community in 2020.