MET3R ZenCharge press roundup

We have had a couple of particularly intensive months behind us lately. Winning the Edison Innovation contest run by Hungary’s largest energy company, MVM Group, gave us a unique opportunity to showcase our solution to the wider public. As we flesh out the details of the pilot demonstration of ZenCharge with MVM behind the scenes, we also gave a series of interviews to various media outlets. This English article briefly summarizes our main messages (all other sources referred below are in Hungarian language).

We focus on the optimization aspects of ZenCharge and how we want to modernize the grid. We also talked about the user experience we design for home charging and explained our service from the perspective of households. Cooperating with our first potential client also offered new challenges and requires reacting to client needs at speed.

We aim at launching the pilot demonstration of MET3R ZenCharge this autumn, in partnership with the MVM Group.