Our smart charging solution featured at green energy portal

An article introducing MET3R and its award-winning smart charging & energy management solution ZenGrid has been featured on Hungary’s newest sustainability portal, Short English excerpt follows:

EVs are key to the transport sector’s decarbonisation and the greening of our energy systems at large. The number of e-cars on European roads steadily rises. Opportunistic EV charging can cause congestion on electricity networks. Certain rich and densely populated areas already feel this pain. Benelux, German and Scandinavian cities are the first places where time-based charging restrictions have been put in place.

Opportunistic charging will cause congestion on the grid, but smart charging can actually make the grid more flexible.

With MET3R’s Zen software suite (ZenCharge, ZenSite, ZenGrid) offers a solid smart charging solution for stakeholders at various levels of the EV-charging value-chain. With the ZenCharge managed charging solution drivers charging at workplaces and at home benefit from low prices and maximized green energy use. ZenSite serves charging site operators by managing multiple chargers, local generation and energy storage units from a single interface. Finally, with ZenGrid grid managers and utilities get a 360 degree overview of the network and connected managed assets from a single interface and achieve unparalleled levels of monitoring.