ZenCharge joins the Urban Mobility Accelerator Batch in 2021

Last Friday we participated at the Urban Mobility Accelerator’s regional contest and pitched ZenCharge, our e-mobility focused demand response service that supports fleet operators and grid managers in managing distributed EV charging and associated problems.

ZenCharge provides a first-class smart charging experience for EV owners, while it assists DSOs in congestion management and the distribution of concurrent demands. With ZenCharge DSOs and TSOs can also meet power quality requirements, including voltage and frequency standards and substantially reduce the investment needed for network upgrades.

ZenCharge is an efficient tool for both direct and indirect load control. As such, it implements a security killswitch feature to protect the grid against unforeseen extreme events, and provides a platform between power companies and EV owners to communicate time-of-use tariffs, dynamic price signals and non-pecuniary motivators (gamification).

The EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator is a EU-funded programme in five European regional hubs implemented through partners to take early-stage mobility startups to the next level. We are looking for early-stage startup-teams with business ideas that reduce congestion and increase efficiency in the transport system. With innovative approaches to make commuting faster or more enjoyable. With concepts to accelerate the transition to low- or zero-emission forms of transport – and with all other possible ideas that help to solve mobility-related problems.

The EIT Urban Mobility Acceleration programme offers €15k Grants for each participating startups, individualized business coaching & training, mentoring by industry experts and experienced founders as companions, access to customers and validation opportunities with cities.