We promote our green storage and smart charging concept at the VISION 2030 e-mobility conference

We introduced ZenGrid, our smart energy management service focused on e-mobility uses cases and Catchpenny, our green energy storage concept at the Vision 2030 conference, organised by the Hungarian E-mobility Cluster.

With ZenGrid grid operators obtain situational awareness and manage DER assets in reaction to live grid events. ZenGrid also supports site owners willing to balance concurrent charge sessions, increase on-site consumption and integrate local generation and storage.

Catchpenny is MET3R’s green electricity storage unit, built completely out of salvaged automotive parts, including recycled battery modules, on-board chargers and a a standard grid-tied inverter.

We argued at the conference that distributed storage units, such as Catchpenny, could not only provide support for small businesses with local balancing, but also help them in generating revenue, via spot markets and/or under auspices of a contract or power purchase agreement for energy, capacity, or ancillary services.

Speakers at the conference agreed that electric mobility and batteries are the cornerstone of the ensuing green transformation. MET3R’s Catchpenny concept provides a testbed for the forthcoming V2G technology and allows the practical assessment of key concepts, such as battery degradation, monetisation and customer motivation.